Eye Care

eye_02The eyes are one of the organs with very high concentrations of HA. It plays a major role in maintaining the health of the cornea (clear front of the eye), the retina and the vitreous gel that fills most of the eye.

There is compelling evidence that a shortage of HA in the human eye is linked with age-related eye disorders. Individuals who have glaucoma have 77% less HA than levels found in normal eyes.

The make-up of the healthy vitreous gel of the eye is 92% HA and 8% Chondroitin Sulphate. As we get older the gel of the eye begins to lose consistency and the breakdown of HA can result in floaters (clumps of protein in the vitreous body) that interfere with light travelling through the eye.

Research also suggests that taking HA in oral form can lower the risk of ever developing a detached retina or macular degeneration which is the leading cause of blindness in adults!

To protect against the age-related breakdown of the vitreous body in the eye it is also good advice for your customers to wear UV blocking protective sunglasses.

HA can also be an excellent lubricant for contact lens wearers.

Taking HA improves your eye tissues and the health of your overall visual system. It increases the HA levels in the eye, strengthening the collagen structure, providing a structure of the matrix of material between the light-receptor cells in the retina.