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Hyaluronic acid in Cosmetics

There are many skincare products formulated with the use of Hyaluronic acid and other natural ingredients.

The amount of HA in the skin does decrease as we age and there are specialised brands that use cosmetic HA in their products to help keep the skin supple and moist to help give a youthful appearance. HA is a natural component of the connective tissue including the skin and it helps to support strength and flexibility.

When it comes to your skin, Hyaluronic acid is your best friend. Many women find that using HA serums help to significantly improve the look and feel of their skin. As we get older it is important to keep the whole body hydrated to minimise the signs of ageing and since our levels of HA decrease dramatically after the age of 50, replacing lost HA can be of huge benefit. HA provides continuous moisture to the skin by binding up to 1000 times its own weight in water, this is why topically applied HA serums can be such a powerful anti-ageing cosmetic.

The dermis represents 90% of the thickness of the skin and collagen makes up 70% of the dry weight of the dermis. Since HA hydrates the dermis so effectively, topical HA as well as taking an oral form can help by attracting water to the top layer of the skin and protects against moisture loss. By keeping the dermis hydrated HA supports the collagen and helps improve elasticity to prevent wrinkles.

HA has so many beneficial functions in the body including helping to slow down the effects of dehydration and ageing on our skin that anyone who wants to minimise lines and wrinkles should consider taking a HA supplement and applying Hyaluronic acid serum to their skin.